A unique project like Broadway Comes To Camp must be resoundingly good. All who are part of it and who see the production must be led to say: “WOW! We want to be part of that!” Such an effect will insure that others will want to benefit from the personal, spiritual, and educational value of future camps. Sponsors can help us acquire the equipment, costumes, and resources necessary to accomplish that.

We believe others would love to share in supporting this project dedicated to the spiritual and moral education of our young people.

The fees charged to campers cover no more than about half of the true cost of the camp and the production.

This is a project based on faith. All initial expenditures must come from our personal funds. But we trust in the fact that in all projects of the past, the Lord always supplied what was needed.

Donations are tax-exempt . The Chandler Family Corporation for the Fine Arts is certified with the I.R.S. as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

Sponsors contribute to the camp’s success by:

Creating a strong support team to underwrite the costs not covered by camp fees.
Allowing us to obtain supplies, equipment and resources necessary for a professional-level production: scenery, ramps, stage extensions, painting supplies, microphones & cables, headsets, spotlights & cables, backdrops, costumes, props, programs, scene design, and even makeup.
Underwriting the cost of inviting key staff members, those with specific/essential skills necessary to head up various production areas.
Providing a base for financial help to potential campers who cannot pay the entire camp fee.

Please help by joining with us in one of the following ways:


Underwrite us with a donation of $2,000 or more and get 8 preferred seats.


Show your support with a donation of $1,500-$1,999 and get 6 preferred seats.


Join the cast by donating $1,000-$1,499 and get 4 preferred seats.



Stand with us by donating $500-$999 and get 2 preferred seats.



Get 1 preferred seat for each staff member’s camp fee covered at $310 each.



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