HAROLD HILL: 25-35.  (Baritone, A Flat to High F) A smooth talking con man and traveling salesman with plenty of charm; convinces townspeople they need a boys’ band to keep them out of trouble. He needs a strong stage presence and some movement ability.  Sings “Trouble”, “Seventy-six Trombones,” “Marian the Librarian,” “Till There Was You,” & “Goodnight My Someone” reprise.

MARCELLUS WASHBURN: 30-40.  (Tenor, G to High A) Former con man who now lives in River City and a friend of Harold Hill; helps him learn about the town, tries to help Harold get out of town after the con; a comic role; dates Ethel Tofflemeier.  Should have choreography ability. Sings “Shipoopi,” and chorus numbers.

MAYOR GEORGE SHINN: 40-50  (can be non-Singing or Chorus Only) The Mayor of River City, pompous, self-important, blustery, not terribly intelligent. Gets lots of things wrong!  Listens to his wife. Takes himself seriously, but comes across funny. Requires good comedic timing. Sings: Chorus Numbers.

WINTHROP PAROO: 8-12  ( Alto, C – E Flat)  Marian’s little brother. Does not talk much because of a lisp and missing his dead father. He has to tra  nsform from a shy child to an outspoken child who not only sings but dances. Sings: “The Wells Fargo Wagon,” and “Gary, Indiana,” plus some Chorus Numbers.


BARBERSHOP QUARTET (Members of the School Board)

OLIN BRITT:  40-60  (Bass) Editor of the Gazette, member of the School Board turned into Barbershop Quartet, a bickering business man until he is united with the others by Harold, and learns not only to sing in harmony, but also to work in harmony. Sings: “Sincere,” “It’s You,” “Goodnight Ladies,” “Lida Rose” and all the Chorus numbers.

OLIVER HIX: 40-60  (Baritone) Banker, School Board/Quartet member, another bickering business man until he is united by the others by Harold and begins to sing and act in harmony with them. Married to Alma. Sings “Sincere,”“Goodnight Ladies,” “It’s You,” “Lida Rose,” and all Chorus numbers.

JACEY SQUIRES: 40-60  (High Tenor) Owner of the livery stable, School Board/Quartet member, another bickering business man until he is united with the others by Harold. Married to Mrs. Squires. Sings: “Sincere,” “Goodnight Ladies,”, “It’s You,” “Lida Rose,” and all Chorus Numbers

EWART DUNLOP: 40-60  (Second Tenor) Owner of the General Store, School Board/Quartet member and bickering business man until he is united with the others by Harold.  Married to Maud Dunlop.  Sings: “Sincere,” “Goodnight Ladies,” It’s You,” “Lida Rose” and all Chorus Numbers.

CHARLIE COWELL: 30-50  A rival traveling salesman, first seen on the train at the start of the show, he returns to town to warn them about Harold and hopefully make himself a hero and earn sales himself. Sings “Rock Island” and the Finale. Possibly used as a townsperson in disguise.

TOMMY DJILAS: 15-20  A teenager from the “wrong side of town” who starts out as a trouble maker but falls for Zaneeta, the Mayor’s daughter, and encouraged by Harold, begins dating her secretly. He becomes the assistant leader of the Boys’ Band, thanks to Harold giving him confidence and trust.

CONSTABLE LOCKE:  30-60  The town Sheriff. Sings the Chorus Numbers

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: 50-60  He is in the first scene with lines, and then becomes a Townsperson.

TRAVELING SALESMEN: Salesmen on the train that warn each other about what they’ve heard about Harold Hill. None of them knows him, but all know his reputation. They don’t realize he is on the train and can hear everything they are saying. They have a syncopated song in the beginning of the show, patterned to the sound of a moving train. Sing: “Rock Island” and are Townspeople for the rest of the show.

MARIAN PAROO: 25-35  (Soprano, Low G to High A)  Daughter of Mrs. Paroo and sister to Winthrop, she is a stuffy, conceited librarian and piano teacher in town. She has a little spunk and must project both intelligence and prudishness.  At first she dislikes Harold but then falls in love. She needs some choreography ability, Sings: “Piano Lesson,” “Goodnight My Someone,” “My White Knight,” “Shipoopi,” (Dance only) “Will I Ever Tell You,” “Till There Was You,” & “Seventy-six Trombones” reprise.

MRS. PAROO:  50-60  (Mezzo Soprano A Flat to E Flat)  Widowed Irish mother to Marian and Winthrop, she speaks with an Irish accent. She is a sweet, cheerful homemaker who wants the best for everyone. She gives Marian a lot of wise advice about how to find a man.and dotes on Winthrop. She falls for Harold’s con. Always keeps her hands busy. Sings: “Piano Lesson,”and most of the chorus numbers.

EULALIE MACKECKNIE SHINN: 40-50  (Alto, D to D)  Mayor Shinn’s wife, she is definitely a society lady, knows everyone in town, struts about like a peacock and is somewhat snooty. A member of every auxiliary organization in town, she has some strange ideas and doesn’t think she looks as ridiculous as she really is. Keeps her husband in line. Leads the “Ladies Dance” group in the Grecian Urn. Sings: “Pickalittle,” “It’s You,” and all Chorus Numbers.

AMARYLLIS: 10-13  (Alto, C to E)  She is Marian’s young piano and likes Winthrop but doesn’t understand why he won’t talk to her. Needs to know how to play the piano.  Sings: “Piano Lesson,” and Chorus Numbers.

ZANEETA SHINN:  14-18  Mayor Shinn’s daffy teenage daughter, she has a crush on the town “bad boy,” Tommy.  She is not rebellious but is learning to stand up for herself. Very cute and feminine, will do choreography in “Marian the Librarian” and “Seventy-six Trombones”. Also can sing in Chorus Numbers.

GRACIE SHINN:  8-10  The Mayor’s younger daughter, somewhat of a tomboy and a bit devilish. Sings Chorus Numbers.

ETHEL TOFFELMIER:  30-40  She is jolly and friendly, and plays the player piano. She is dating Marcellus. She does gossip with the other ladies, and is one of the Pickalittle ladies and Grecian Urn performers. Does choreography in “Shipoopi” and sings “Pickalittle,” “It’s You,” and Chorus Numbers.

ALMA HIX:  40-55  The wife of Oliver Hix, she is a gossipy friend of Eulalie and the other “Pickalittle” women who also perform the Grecian Urn. Sings: “Pickalittle,” “It’s You,” and Chorus Numbers.

MAUD DUNLOP:  40-55  The wife of Ewart Dunlop, and another of Eulalie’s gossipy friends who are the “Pickalittle” women and perform in Grecian Urn. Sings: “Pickalittle,” “It’s You,” anMRS. SQUIRES:  40-55  The wife of Jacey Squires, another gossipy friend of Eulalie’s and one of the main “Pickalittle,” ladies and a Grecian Urn performer. Sings: “Pickalittle,” “It’s You,” and Chorus Numbers.

RIVER CITY TEENS:  All ages, a singing and choreography ensemble, in all numbers that the townspeople are in, especially in “Seventy-six Trombones,” and “Marian the Librarian.”  Also Sing in Chorus Numbers.RIVER CITY TOWNSPEOPLE: Small town folks of all ages and sizes who are proud of their town. They will be assigned together as families, some with children, and sing all chorus numbers: “Iowa Stubborn,” “Trouble,” “Seventy-six Trombones,” “The Wells Fargo Wagon,” “Shipoopi” & “Finale”.

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